Property Surveys

The lender will require a property survey, the cost of which is met by you.  Although the lender only requires the basic mortgage survey, it is possible to get a more extensive survey to ensure the property you are buying doesn’t have any nasty surprises.  Any minor defects identified by a more detailed survey can also used as a bargaining tool to renegotiate the purchase price, so the survey could actually pay for itself.  Otherwise you get the peace of mind that the property you are buying is fit for purpose.

Most lenders offer the option to upgrade to a Homebuyers Report or Full Building Survey, with you paying an upgrade fee on top of the cost of the basic survey fee.  The surveyor then carries out the bank report and your report on the same visit, avoiding duplicate costs and visits by two different surveyors.

Some lenders do not offer an upgrade facility, or their upgrade costs can be very high.  Alternatively, you may wish to have the peace of mind that an independent, non-bank appointed surveyor has carried out your more detailed survey.

We can help in these situations.

Via our financial services network Sesame, we can offer a nationwide service for Homebuyer Reports and Full Building Surveys at very competitive prices.

Contact us for an instant quote on any property up to £1m purchase price.