Personal Protection

If insurance was free everyone would have lots of it and be insured for every eventuality possible.

Sadly, insurance isn’t free though

At My Financial Services we live in the real world. We understand that insurance comes at a monthly cost, and that very few have a bottomless pit of money to pay for vast amounts of insurance cover each month. Insurance advice tends to come in 2 different formats:

  • Budget Driven
  • Cover driven

Who Needs Insurance?

Personal insurance is most relevant to those with a joint named mortgage and/or dependent children. Have you considered how your partner, spouse or children would cope if:

  • You died
  • You developed a Critical Illness
  • You were unable to work through illness or injury
  • You were made redundant

There are many ‘Life Events’ that can focus the mind on reviewing your insurance position, here are our top 3:

  • Taking out a mortgage
  • Having children
  • Changing jobs

Our service:

We can identify your insurance needs and advise on how best to fulfil your objectives. Be it covering the gaps in cover or sticking to a set monthly budget. You are in charge.

We deal with a range of major UK insurers, all top quality brand names.

We gather all the information and documentation required and take care of submitting the application, as well as liaising to with the insurance company to ensure your policy is processed as swiftly as possible.

The question to ask is can you afford NOT to consider insurance?