Buy to Let Mortgages (BTL)

A Buy to Let mortgage is to finance a residential property that is owned for the purposes of renting out to tenants.  We can arrange BTL mortgages for the following categories:

  • Traditional houses & flats
  • Houses in Multiple Occupation (HMO)
  • Multiple units on one title deed
  • Let to Buy mortgages (properties that are the current main residence)
  • First time buyers
  • First time landlords
  • £Nil personal income (most lenders require a £25k min income per annum)

there is a relationship between the maximum mortgage and the rental income being received.  Whilst this is set individually by each lender, the most common formula is:

£Loan amount x 5%, divide by 12 months, x 125% = Minimum rental income

£250,000 loan amount would therefore require a minimum rental income of £1,302 per month.