My Financial Services. A firm dedicated to high quality mortgage advice. We can advise on all types of mortgage including Purchases, Remortgages and Buy to Let.

In addition, we also specialise in several specific areas of mortgage advice:

  • Contractor Mortgages
  • Mortgages for Company Directors
  • Large Loans (£500k+)

There is a separate page for each specialist area, there are case studies on each page. You may find that more than one area is relevant, so take a good look around.

How do we work?

We collect the relevant details regarding your current circumstance and what you want to achieve

We make an assessment and provide the options and costs for the most suitable route to success

We submit an application to the agreed mortgage lender

The lender assesses your application and we deal with any questions that arise

The lender will survey the property

The lender issues a Mortgage Offer, the formal agreement to lend.

Why do we thrive?

Question: Why use a broker when the internet is available?

It’s a good question…….. if you want to understand the value a professional mortgage adviser can add to your house search that the internet cannot, then let’s look at a few examples. Does an internet comparison site tell you…

  1. What multiple of income that lender will give you?
  2. How a lender treats bonuses
  3. How many years self-employed accounts do you need?
  4. How common outgoings affect the loan available:
    • Childcare vouchers
    • Personal loans
    • Credit card debt
    • Employee pension deductions on payslips
    • Student loans
  5. Whether the lender allows you to retain and rent out your current residential property
  6. What impact any existing Buy to Let properties may have
  7. How the lender treats a 2nd job or secondary self-employed income

The answer, quite simply, is NO!

Will an internet comparison site or direct to lender application offer you the following……

  • A single point of contact from application to completion
  • Liaise with your estate agent & solicitor to ensure everyone is kept informed of progress
  • Advice on the house buying process
  • Proactive problem solving when difficulties or problems arise with a mortgage application

A professional mortgage broker is not only someone who can get you the best deal for your circumstance, but can be the difference between you obtaining a mortgage and failing. The ultimate price you will pay is that you could lose the home that you desire.

So the question you should ask, is why NOT consult a professional mortgage adviser.

Still not convinced? Call or email and hopefully we can impress you.